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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 8, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PST

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everybody. i'm beth troutman. we search the web for the best videos of the day so you don't have to. let's get started, "right this minute." an intense moment when police take on -- >> armed robbers, who were armed with ak-47s coming out of a jewelry store. >> find out what they left behind when they made their getaway, and how it all came to an end. several people are stranded after their ship capsized. >> but the helicopter doesn't have the capacity to rescue all
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these people. >> but they did have -- >> pretty ingenious solution. >> see how they were able to round help from around the sea. >> that's so awe -- >> a rider speeding down the road 2340e69 notices -- >> something's going on up ahead. >> something that will make you say, "holy koala!" plus, some ladies dress down in some do-do. the story why these models are posing in poo, and alone way trombone. ♪ [ laughter ] >> the latest video -- blowing up the internet. you're looking at cell phone footage outside of a busy shopping center near stockholm, sweden. as this cell phone pans over, you notice something quite terrifying. what you're actually looking at is a police shoot-out outside of this busy shopping mall at lunch time on a busy shopping day.
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these plain-clothed police officers are actually shooting at some armed robbers, who were armed withof a jewelry store that they have just robbed. you can hear the shots ringing out. [ gunfire ] you see one officer get down on his knee and take aim, and then as the camera pans back towards the shopping center, notice that silver car. that's the getaway car for these people who were coming out of this jewelry store. it quickly begins to back away, but notice this man laying down on the ground. that's one of the six robbers, according to reports, and police shot him in the head as he was trying to escape. what this other angle is, from the shopping center -- >> this shows us how many people were out there. at first it looks like nobody but the thieves and the police, but now there's a whole bunch of
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people. >> the silver car speeds away, but police were able to quickly catch up with this car. they did arrest everyone inside. the man who was shot was taken to the hospital, treated for his wounds and right now doctors say they do believe that gun it shot wound will end up being fatal. >> even if this was such a busy area and police didn't have much cover, no one else wa injured in this shoot-out. this is the aftermath of a capsized ship off the coast in brazil. can you see about 22 people clinging to the remnants of whatship say was an inflatable dinghy. the helicopter we're seeing this has just dropped a rescue pad, but they don't have the capacity to rescue all the people. so the rescue helicopter had a pretty peachy solution. h it rounded up a group of nearby
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jet skier. a group of jet skiers come to the aid of these people that were stranded at sea. the helicopter waved in one jet ski and then, look. like a stampede. >> that's so cool. >> oh, my gosh. that's awesome. all of these people, like, heck yeah. we're help. >> no word who this group of jet skiers were, tourists or just people out for a joy ride. one two, three, four, five -- it looks like at least ten jet skis coming to the aid of these people stranded in the water. >> you go out for fun and end up rescues people? >> saving lives. >> i feel like we should be listening to the music of "baywatch." ♪ afraid to step into the lane >> where's mitt buchanan? >> there's ten of them, right there. >> exactly. attention mall shoppers, there is a giant fight outside
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the gap caught on camera at the cherry hill mall in cherry hill, new jersey. what looks like 10 to almost a dozen teenagers involved in this brutal fight. you see guys down on the ground getting hit. haymakers thrown all over the place. this thing goes on for quite a while. the video is about a minute long, and you just see a ton of people involved in this thing. police have no idea what spurned this altercation. they think maybe bad blood between a couple of youngsters. right there you see somebody get, like, just picked up and slammed right on the ground. you know, professional wrestling style, before more people come over and start beating on him, and that kid actually falls to the ground as well. police in the area were upset someone would take time out to film this instead of calling 911. cherry hill police issued a statement saying the incident at
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the mall is rare. they maintain a strong security presence at the mall and work closely with the cherry hill police department throughout the year and try to create a safe experience for shoppers and employees and that will not change as result of this. >> this is ridiculous, stupid. >> it's everything you don't want young people to be. >> police found two teenagers with minor injurieses. a 17 and 15-year-old. one refused treatment. one went to the hospital and was later released. an investigation is going on, so far no charges. why did the koala cross the road? >> to get to the other side. >> maybe. watch this. >> oh! >> oh, no. >> no! >> just a nudge, just a nudge. >> he slowed down because he saw -- something's going on up ahead a. koala was crossing the road. why? i don't know. >> then other bike was coming by that probably didn't ehim because he was in front of the bike that didn't stop. >> looks like a camera on the
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back of his bike. the motorcycle hit a car because the car stop forpd the koala. >> like he was under the bumper of the car. the koala is standing right there, this is a bad day for this koala. >> don't they get, like, kind of high sometimes? >> yes. they get high on uke lip 'tis. >> maybe the koala was i on eucalyptus and didn't know the car was coming. >> thought the car was an illusion. >> or a big eucalyptus tree. that is a carpet python. two meters long. this guy got out the video camera while his loving wife started to spray the thing. >> that thing is not two meters long. >> right. that thing is much longer than that. >> that thing coming out of the pool is like a magician scarf, it kept going and kept going and kept going. >> he doesn't mind the thing being in the area, but a snake expert told him it could be a
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male or a female and if it's a female, she could lay 60 eggs. 60? so the next day, he said it's with heavy heart he called this animal sdpoert come get that thought. he thought, 60 eggs? i don't want the responsibility of this thing hanging around. >> taking her own sweet time putting it in a bag. all in a day's work. she's a snake expert. >> cleaning up like one of those noodles in the pool. you know? it's not a snake. a fight in colombia takes an unexpected turn. >> whoa. he took him for a ride. >> oh. >> see what happens -- >> oh, wow. >> and hear about the bullfighter's amazing recovery. and it's a robbery you have to see to believe. >> he starts freaking out, starts running all over the store. >> wait until you hear why this robber thought he was locked inside. >> what an idiot. >> next on "right this minute."
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once again, best of "rtm" time. beth what you got? >> this one's called the "mean school nurse." familiar with snippets, the kids talk and they act. >> i'm going to take this. it's going in real slow. >> in is hilarious every time. >> this is really hysterical pap kid's take on what it's like to go to the school nurse. this kid comes in with an almost broken leg. the nurse tell tells him -- >> you're going to have to be in a wheelchair forever. >> fantastic. >> funny stuff. >> if want to check it out, head 0 tour website, that's and click on -- >> best of "rtm." for the animal lovers out there. watch. >> oh, nick. >> sadly, bull fighting is still legal in colombia. you see a bull in the ring, already gored, as is commonplace
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to gore the bull first to weaken the bull so the matador has a chance. he has his cape. you see him doing a tradition that's been going on for centuries. but in this case, the bull fights back. >> as they do in a lot of cases. >> looks like the bull is pretty weak at this point. he's not moving much, bleeding profusely but manages to catch the mad totador with one of his horns. >> oh! >> oh, oh, man, he took him for a ride. >> and he was stuck on the horn forever. >> he sure was. you can see an injury to his left leg. as bad as that looks, he suffered only ten stitches to his left leg. >> it is amazing that all he got was ten stitches. >> yeah. >> oh, whoa. >> that was so close, could have cut an artery, could have done a lot more damage. >> you're right. some report say only 10 millimeter away from other major arteries mem was gored twice. >> ingredably difficult to
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watch, but at the same time i don't feel bad that he went through a lot of pain. that's the sport, they know about this, the happened many times and had will continue to happen. >> the poor bull, getting stabbed over and over and over again, and that's a living creature. >> i like to think of the other bulls. >> yeah, got 'em. >> exactly. a little justice. physical comedian and popular youtuber nathan barnette has made us laugh for quite a while with his funny dance moves and his antics that he pulls online, in his videos. >> you've been naughty! >> but he's also going to show us that he's got a pretty big heart. >> i got message from this guy who said he really likes my dance videos and going to buy my shoes. elliotts. >> gary wrote back, since i'll never be able to dance it will be nice to have one of those dance shoes. >> it looks like sgaer in a wheelchair nathan didn't ask
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what went wrong with gary or what his disability would be. >> recently we dancing in san francisco, for macy's. >> you see it on the soul. there's mason doing his thing. this guy pulls off dance moves i've never seen a human being do. you know, getting the shoes a little dirty, really working them in. >> this is awesome. ♪ >> gary was blown away when he saw the video. nathan said he sent the shoes off to him and gary also said that his dad is going to be superexcited to see the video when he gets out of the hospital. so sounds like gary's going through a rough time. we of course, wish his dad a speedy recovery, and gary will own a pair of shoes that the most crazy, weird, one of a kind dance move was done in, for sure. this is a behind-the-scenes look at a calendar shoot. what do you think this model is
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submerged in? >> looks like a mud bath. >> okay. >> i hope that. is a mud bath. >> that is poop. >> what kind of poop? >> this actually happens to be fish poop, that she's submerged in. this calendar was created by an organization called fertile earth foundation. their whole submission to treat people about composting. >> did you know there are safe ways to turn even our waste into humanorep that's composted superpoop. it can be turned into rich super gold. >> you don't sit in it, don't bathe in it. you plant things in t. i get the message, and the message is good. kind of like i don't know if you want to look at that well, apparently some people do, because they created an entire 12-month calendar, which you can buy already if you want it, with
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girls in poopy situations >> i'dtions between these models. so i book you the gig and you're going to be miss march. >> one of the founders of the organization said they chose these womenot just because they're beautiful, but because they believe in composting themselves. this is part of their own lifestyle. like, oh -- >> wonderful, wonderful message. a bizarre way to get it across. ♪ a baby raccoon just can't seem to get where he's going. >> just want to tame hick and go like this already, buddy. >> see who comes to the rescue, next. and the easiest way to get this reaction from a set of twins. >> i don't know what that toy is, but i think that would -- that would work on
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you're looking at video of a raccoon family in urban toronto crawling up a telephone pole, getting out of this little urban area. if you notice, one little runt of the lit sir having a little trouble climbing up this post. >> that's tough, because they're going down vertically one wayne way and change direction from the tree to the post. you just want to take him and go like this. all right. here you go, buddy. >> you think the guy behind the cram might go in to help. we've got another hero about to come to the rescue. >> up the a the top of the
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telephone pole, mama, looks like five kids in toe up on the power line. mom 2340e69s the guy with the camera, but knows she's got to get down there and help out her little guy. watch what happens. eventually the little guy -- you can see him slip and slip and he's really trying. >> after he gets half way there, she goes, you have done a really good job. i'm going to come to your aid. carries him in her mouth to rest of the family. >> you didn't carry us. we had to climb all way! >> with the rest of the family in toe, six kids. >> no kid left behind. philadelphia p.d. released this video of a robbery, and you see him entering through the door on the left. he walks into the store, and
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then he walks around the counter -- to beat the employee, obviously trying to steal some money. isn't able to get the money from the employee, so he tries to run away. he runs back around the counter and tries to exit the door, except this time he's using the right door to exit, which is locked. so now he thinks he's locked in the store, and starts going crazy. >> what an idiot! in a lot of those stoshres only one door works. right? >> he starts freaking out, running all over the store, over the counter. trying to look for a different exit route. isn't able to find one. finally he grabs the coffee machine. uses it to break the woichbd in the locked door. just over it. escape the. police are still looking for him. but the magnitude of this man's stupidity is -- >> this guy goes in, attacks the
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cashier, doesn't get money. thinks he's locked in. doesn't bother trying the other door, then has to smash the coffee machine through the -- what a dummy. it's the latest video to go -- >> crazy viral. >> the dude giving the web a different view of his instrument -- next. q x
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some new technology is
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headed our way, boys. not talking about a pad of paper. actual pad like ipad but the move, texture of an ipad. >> takes the weight, thickness out of it. >> made with flexible plastic. put together by queens university in cooperation with plastics and intel lab. >> this thing has an intel core i processor inside. >> the ipads are small enough. right? this thing looks like when you're trying to read it, there's a glare, because of the light. it can bend. i don't necessarily think this is better. i think it's technology for technology's sake. >> it may not be better yet, but this kind of technology, is the genesis of something really awesome. >> researchers say in the next five, ten yeeshgs the computers, the tablets, everything, they're going to be like this. on the show we've seen gopro videos on everything you could
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possibly imagine. but now there's a video involving a gopro camera that's gone crazy viral. >> oh, my gosh. oh! ♪ >> oh! >> that's awesome. >> yes. an older fella here got his gopro attached to his trombone. this guy isn't in everyday trombonist, he's the second in the philharmonic, but a part, like it's going to move, and it looks like it's going to shoot right through his face. bun, of course, when something goes viral, people like to remix it, too. >> the resmix almost haunting. >> yeah. kind of like gangsta rap meets
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like, scary halloween music. but who knew? i'm going to attach a gopro to my trombone and before you know it, tons of people are watching it all over the world. >> isn't it kwlaez goes viral? this is hilarious to me that this is so incredibly popular. doggy car chase. [ barking ] [ laughter ] >> there's nothing cuter than a baby interacting with a toy, except when you have two babies interacting with a toy. check out these two cuties. their eyes are so big. >> there are lights and sounds, and so close to my face. looks like we're going get hit with it. >> my eyes would be that big,
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too, if that thing came toward me. look at him. their eyes are already opened 5urd, but they're really opened. >> i don't know what that toy is, but that would work on anybody. >> right! >> they don't seem to be scared by it, just mesmerized. like what is that, daddy, or mommy, or whoever? >> spring sound and the dad really shaking it in their face. >> they got big, beautiful eyes, though. >> look at them again. i like just looking at the babies, because they are so cute. i just want to pick them up and cuddle them. >> yep. that's'st for our show. thanks for spending time with us, and we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --


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